Thursday, September 10, 2015


All the readers I hear from (and I LOVE hearing from readers!) want to know Christopher's and Brent's stories. Each guy in Alpha SEALs will be getting their own book, but it just so happens that my next book is all about Christopher!

He's hunky, hot, and haunted by a lost love.  The pre-order is up now on Amazon.  Order today, and it'll be automatically downloaded to your Kindle on Sept. 29!  Yay!  Less than 3 weeks until this one drops.

He’s the one man she can never forgive…or forget.

Lexi Mattingly, a hotshot Pentagon security specialist, can’t escape her past. Sent down to Little Creek to track down hackers attempting to infiltrate Top Secret naval databases, the last man she expects to run into is the ruggedly handsome Navy SEAL she left in Coronado a lifetime ago.

Navy SEAL Christopher “Blade” Walters has carried a torch for a decade. The sparks ignited years ago on the beaches of California never burned out, and the man destined to be alone feels them slowly combust when the woman he’d lost forever walks back into his life.

Lexi and Christopher must learn to work together to stop the hackers. But when she’s kidnapped from her hotel, Christopher may be the only man who can save her. Can she trust the man who broke her heart to protect her life? And more importantly, can he convince her to give their love a second chance?

A SEAL’s Surrender, a stand-alone novel, is book three in the new series, Alpha SEALs. 

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