Friday, September 11, 2015


Are you following me on Facebook?  I posted a teaser yesterday from A SEAL's SURRENDER!

Here's a sneak peek at Christopher and Lexi's story!

He was behind her in an instant, his fingers encircling her wrist as he spun her around.  His touch burned into her skin, but she didn’t pull away as her mouth dropped open in shock.  Black cotton spanned his chest, hugging every inch of muscle in the moonlight.  The scruff of his five o’clock shadow highlighted his chiseled jaw—but those eyes.  His searing gaze burned into her very soul.

“What are you—?”

She never finished her question, because muscular arms encased her, pulling her into that inviting chest.  His heat surrounded her, warding off the chill of the night air, shielding her from the breeze blowing in off the ocean.  She tilted her head back, trying to search his face for some explanation of what exactly was happening, and his mouth instantly covered hers.

He tasted of whisky and man—all dark, delectable, and intoxicating.  His clean scent surrounded her, and she whimpered as his lips brushed softly against hers. 

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