Wednesday, September 23, 2015

6 Days until A SEAL's Surrender!

Only six days left!  Have you pre-ordered A SEAL'S SURRENDER yet?


Christopher carried her to the bed of his truck, parked at the edge of sand near some dunes, and she realized he’d lay blankets there earlier.  The hatch was already pulled down, and gently, he laid her on the soft cotton.  The night surrounded her, the dark sky twinkling above.  She shivered, and then Christopher’s hands were on her, fisting her dress as he pushed it up above her hips.  The night air kissed her bare stomach, and she trembled.

His lips dragged across her flat stomach.  Hot.  Hungry.  She gasped at his warm mouth on her chilled skin, unwittingly arching up beneath him.  His tongue swirled around her belly button, teasing.  He kissed his way to her hipbone, his teeth grazing her.  Marking her.  Tonight she was completely his.

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