Friday, January 23, 2015

Soldier Series Romance Novellas

Welcome new readers!

Read about four sexy soldiers in my steamy soldier series romance novellas!  This series does not have to be read in order, but for those who asked, this is the order in which they were released! 

(Note: Return of a Soldier is the sequel to Christmas with a Soldier.  You don't have to read the first book to enjoy it, but you'd be missing out if you didn't!)


Single-mom Meghan Jones is heading home to finish last-minute Christmas preparations with her five-year-old daughter. Major Trent Harrison is returning to town to say goodbye to his father. When a sudden snowstorm leaves them both stranded, heated animosity between them quickly turns into a night of sizzling passion. 
Is Trent what Meghan has been searching for? Are Meghan and her daughter what Trent never realized he was looking for all along? 
Enjoy this steamy romance this holiday season! Christmas with a Soldier, the first story in the Soldier Series Romance Novellas. 


Event planner Sarah Cooper is stuck in San Francisco the weekend before Valentine’s Day, missing her best friend’s bachelorette party. Special Forces officer Ryan Bradley is just passing through. After a chance encounter, their evening together leads to a night of red-hot passion.

When Sarah finally returns home, she discovers a secret from Ryan’s past that makes her question everything. Does their love stand a chance? Or was her night with him just one big mistake?

Enjoy this steamy romance this Valentine’s Day! Valentine from a Soldier is the second book in the Soldier Series Romance Novellas.




  ER doctor Jessica Evans has a jam-packed schedule and newfound single life. Her roommate, Army Officer Josh Patterson, has just returned from deployment to Afghanistan. Friends since childhood, they’ve both noticed a change in their relationship since he’s been back. 
When Jessica’s safety is threatened one night, she finds comfort and protection in Josh’s arms. But can the two move from lifelong friendship to something more? 
Enjoy this steamy romantic escape! In the Arms of a Soldier is the third book in the Soldier Series Romance Novellas. 


Major Trent Harrison has returned to his hometown after months away to see Meghan Jones, the woman who’s captured his heart. Spring is in the air, and long days spent together followed by passion-filled nights leave Meghan certain that Trent is the one for her.

A weekend getaway suddenly changes everything when Trent proposes something Meghan never had in mind. Can Meghan give Trent everything that he is asking for? Will Trent finally have a family to call his own?

Escape with this steamy romance! Return of a Soldier is the fourth book in the Soldier Series Romance Novellas and the sequel to Christmas with a Soldier.


Pastry Chef Erin Walters is in Hawaii for the trip of a lifetime--and her best friend's destination wedding. Her mind is on baking the perfect wedding cake and possibly securing a job for the summer with the renowned chef at the resort she's staying at. Not on her mind? A summer fling with a hot mystery man.

Mike Sawyer is back from three tours of duty in Afghanistan and ready for a little summer fun. Sure, he's got a new job lined up, but chasing after the pretty little thing he ran into at the resort pool seems like as good a plan as any. Until he realizes she's not just some random woman he'll never see again.

Sparks fly as these old friends heat things up, but is Mike after anything other than a little summer fun?

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